Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Babe Ruth: The Baseball Legend

by Colton S. and Michael W.

This article is going to be about Babe Ruth and why we like him.

Babe Ruth is one of the most famous baseball players in the world, and one of the best. He had two wives, one named Helen. Babe Ruth also loved kids and in his time off from baseball, he went and saw injured or sick kids in the hospital. Babe had two little girls of his own.

He played back in 1895-1948.

He began his career in New York, and then was traded to the Red Sox. He played in the city of New York and Boston, for the team New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

Why was he so well remembered? He was remembered because he was one of the best baseball players alive. There are rumors about him hiring someone to run bases, but these are not true. Did he invent the chocolate bar ‘Bath Ruth’? No, the chocolate bar was named after President Cleveland.

Babe Ruth hit 726 home runs in 22 years, and he played for the Yankees and Red Sox. He was a famous baseball player; he was one of the best baseball players.



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not "Was" the best player alive, will always be the best players, alive or dead

Anonymous said...

He hit 714 home runs in 22 seasons. not 726. I would fix this website- a lot of the facts are wrong

Anonymous said...

He started in Boston, then got traded to the New York. Remember the Boston curse they had for 80 years; it was because of George Herman Ruth.

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go babe!

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One of the worst there is

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he was awsome

David Harrison said...

I love babe R
uth he is a entertaining baseball player like my self.

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