Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amelia Earhart: Famous Flyer

by David L.

In this blog entry, you are going to be reading about Amelia Earhart’s free thinking ways and her marriage to the famous author and publisher George Putnam.

Who was Amelia Earhart?
Amelia Earhart was someone who wanted to try everything she saw. Most people think of Amelia as a flying lover and daredevil. But when she first saw airplanes, she did not like them and wondered why anyone would want to do anything like that. However, when she got asked to go flying by her father at an air field stunt show, and saw the great wonder of being up in the air, it set a new love. She married George Putnam, who was an author of many books like ``Hot Oil`` and ``In the Oregon Country``. When his business took off, he made a publishing business named George Palmer Putnam Inc, which published books like the Hardy Boys, the Bobbsey Twins, and Nancy Drew, as well as the Charles Lindbergh autobiography.

What did Amelia Earhart do?
Amelia lived near Kinner air field where she learned to race planes. She became the 16th woman to get a plane license.

Where did she live and travel?
Amelia Earhart moved around a lot and lived in places like Des Moines, Iowa. When she married George Putman, they lived in New York City.

When did her life occur?
Amelia Earhart was born July 24, 1897, and she was declared dead January 5, 1939. George was born September 7, 1887 and died of a kidney failure on January 4, 1950.

Why do we remember her?
The main reason Amelia wanted to fly was a result of a childhood experience. She was on a rollercoaster, and she liked the roller coaster so much that she wanted to do it again and again. One day, she sat on the roof in a box and slid down! She landed in a mangled mess at the bottom, emerged from the box and said to her friend, "Oh, Pidge, it's just like flying!" That was when everything took off.

How did she disappear?
Amelia’s disappearance is yet to be figured out, some people think that she ran out of fuel and crash landed in the ocean. No one has found the plane but remains of the flight suit have bean found.    

George Putnam was related to me by marriage.



Anonymous said...

How did she disappear?? Are there any theories or explanations at least? But it is cool that George was related to you!

Nancy said...

I think Amelia Earhart was one of the most gutsy, courageous, human beings in the history of the world. the woman had chutzpah, guts, and knew the score in Life!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

can you put a caption under the 1srt picture thanks

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