Monday, June 7, 2010

The Story of Black Tuesday and the end of the Roaring Twenties

By Mark D.

• Who did it affect?
The event of Black Tuesday affected the people of the United States of America, and the ripple effects affected virtually the rest of the world.

• What happened?
Black Tuesday was the beginning of the biggest stock market crash in the early 1900’s and started the Great Depression.

• When did it happen?
This event occurred on October 29, 1929.

• Where did it start?
This event began on Wall Street, New York, New York, which is the major financial section in the U.S.A.

• Why did the stocks crash?
After the war ended everyone was feeling free and at liberty to do whatever they wanted and to have a good time. The people were spending more and more and the banks were lending more and more out. After a period of time the banks had no more money to lend out and started to recall the loans. The people had no money to give back and forced them to sell their business and the stocks are now worth nothing.

• How did it affect the world?
After the stocks crashed in America the repercussions began. America was very productive and a major power in the world. Many countries had strong ties with the country and all financial markets crashed except Japan. The stock crash was the main reason of the Great Depression even though only a slim minority of Americans owned stocks. With the Depression, Hitler claimed that the Jews were the fault of the broken economy and gained the respect of Germany, resulting in Nazi Germany creating the Second World War.



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Really good and everything was set up good but it could use some more pictures.


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Oh My Gosh This Has Helped Me With My School Assignment On This. Thank You so Much Love! :)

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You should also read the Congressional records? The So called Federal Reserve Bank (aka FED) which had only been around for twenty years in 1929 caused the United States of America, to file Bankruptcy 1933. Since the U.S. dollar was fixed to gold, the FED was inflating there notes and the Treasury Department could not back those notes with gold caused a major correction in the markets. This why F.D.R. order the people and businesses to turn in their gold and silver. FDR wrote four executive orders, one of them the Emergency banking relieve act, that shut down the banks and turned all the commercial banks over to the Federal Reserve!
You should also read about Congressman T. McFadden house floor speech in 1932

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what war was this after?

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world war 1

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and the derpy banks put peopoles moolah in stocks without there knowlage

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helpful! the black Tuesday overwhelmed the roaring twenties

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