Monday, June 7, 2010

The Invention of Sliced Bread

By Eric F.

Who – Otto Fredrick Rohwedder was the inventor of the bread slicer. Otto was married to Carrie Johnson and had 2 kids. He was the owner of a jewelry store.

What – The first prototype built and was destroyed in a fire and it was not till 1928Otto had another prototype working.

When – Sliced bread was made on July 7, 1928.

Where – Chillicothe Missouri Bakery was the first commercial use of the bread slicer.

Why / How –In January 18, 1943 was sliced bread was banned due to the military needing more metal. Sliced bread factories used metal in their slicers, and the military needed that metal. Then on March 18, 1943 it was allowed back on the market because of a letter from a lady in New York. She wrote a letter complaining that it took too long to slice bread when her family was in a rush.



Anonymous said...

I had no idea someone invented a machine that sliced bread. That was an interesting and enertaining blog. I am glad i don't have to slice my own bread.
well done.

Billy Bob Joe said...

Its the best thing since sliced bread.....oh wait it is sliced bread!!!! LOL HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I am surprised it was not invented by the ancient Greeks or Romans.

Elliryanna said...

There's this bakery I go to, and you can watch them slice the bread they make in a bread slicer.

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