Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Model T

by Brett C.

What -
Today I am going to talk about the model T. A Model T is a vehicle produced by Henry Ford between 1908 and 1927. The Model T had an in-line 4 cylinder bloc engine, which means all four cylinders in this engine could produce a whopping 20 horse power, and had a top speed of 40 to 45 miles per hour. The four cylinder side valve was the first engine with a removable head, making valve service jobs way easier. Model T was the first automobile produced on assembly lines with completely interchangeable parts, sold into the mid range class.

Who –
The Model T was created by Henry Ford in the 1920s.

When -
The first Model T was produced on August 12, 1908 and left the factory on September 27, 1908.

Where –
It was first produced at the Piquet plant in Detroit Michigan.

How -
By 1918, over half of the population of cars in America were Model Ts. The standard 4-seat open tourer of 1909 cost $850 (equivalent to $20,513 today). Cars built before 1919 are classed as veteran cars and later models as vintage cars. Today, three main clubs exist to support the preservation and restoration of these cars: some of the clubs are The Model T Ford Club International, the Model T Ford Club of America and the combined clubs of Australia.



Anonymous said...

Good job! Very interesting!

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very good :D

Anonymous said...

My aunts house used to be a stopping place wher Model T's would get repaired. There used to be a road behind her house, but now its all woods. Im infact sitting here right now. haha

Marjorie Timmer said...

Wait a minute here. If Henry Ford created the Model T in the 1920s, how is it that it was first produced in August 1908 and that by 1918 half the cars on the road in America were Model Ts? Very curious indeed.

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