Saturday, June 12, 2010

Al Capone's Life Story

by Kyle M.

One of the best gangsters of all time was the one and only Al Capone, or better known as Scarface. Al Capone was born in 1899 and died on January 25, 1947.

Al Capone was of the best gangsters of all time. He dropped out of school while in the sixth grade, at the age of fourteen. Al Capone was involved with two kid gangs when he was a kid, and he grew to be one of the best gangsters of all time. Capone's most notorious killing was the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. On February 14, 1929, four of Capone's men entered a garage at 2122 N. Clark Street. The building was the main liquor headquarters of bootlegger George "Bugs" Moran's North Side gang. Because two of Capone's men were dressed as police, the seven men in the garage thought it was a police raid. As a result, they dropped their guns and put their hands against the wall. Using two shotguns and two machine guns, the Capone men fired more than 150 bullets into the victims and that is how it got its name: the St. Valentine Day Massacre.

Capone worked mainly out of Brooklyn, New York.

Al Capone's criminal activity occurred throughout the 1920s. When Torrio, Al Capone's gang boss, was shot by rival gang, his members consequently decided to leave Chicago. Al Capone inherited the "outfit" and became boss. The outfit's men liked and trusted him and obeyed Al Capone, calling him "The Big Fellow.”

Al Capone dropped out of school in sixth grade at age fourteen, after he beat a female teacher, and after the principle verbally chastised him for the incident. After Al Capone quit school, he faced a life of low-paying jobs, so he joined the street gang led by Johny Torrio and Lucky Luciano.

Al Capone was finally caught and jailed due to tax evasion. The jury found Capone not guilty on eighteen of the twenty-three counts. Judge Wilkerson sentenced him to a total of ten years in federal prison and one year in the county jail. In addition, Capone had to serve an earlier six-month contempt of court sentence for failing to appear in court. The fines equalled $50,000, and Capone had to pay the prosecution costs of $7,692.29.



Anonymous said...

It was good! Good job!
HEHEHEHEEEEEE I love Al Capone's jail room ;)


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HA! He was 14 years old in grade 6? Oh and I love his jail cell too :)

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Wonder how he's doing now on the other side for his murderous career? said...

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Melan Mob said...

Al Capone's s man with so many face. I have read his life but I admit, I don't know everything, there are still important events and details that only historians knows.

Just like any other gangsters, Capone, Lucas, Escobar, these people have done mistakes. Yet I know that these are because of money, money is evil and I believe in that.

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